If just for tonight darling, let's get lost.


I am back from my jolly holidays down south. Though it rained a bit, was windy but still beautiful as always. These photo's were taken when me and my family were traveling home. We went to Jimmy's farm (it was on the t.v about jimmy setting up the farm and everything) it was actually so much fun and the woodland walk where the pictures were taken was really nice too i also met some pigs while i was on the walk. Then we were about to leave and i hear a voice i recognised and it's only bloody jimmy! And yes i did get really excited i also got a photo with him that's how cool i really am.
Well I'll change the subject now or I'll never stop, haha. So I've never worn this hat before because i was worried I'd look really stupid but it was pretty sunny and my hair was kind of messy so i thought i would, and you know what i didn't get any funny looks which was a bonus!
I'm also wearing my trusty denim jacket which has been one of my best buys this summer i got it from a charity shop for £3.99. I'm also sporting on my on favourite tops which i got in the urban outfitters sale i love hunting stuff down on there, i never thought I'd fit in thee clothes but i do in some things so just go in and see you'll be surprised at what will fit a "bigger frame".
I am also wearing my black leggings from Evan's and my red patent bow flats which are also from Evan's.
Over all my holiday was quite good, but nothing out of the ordinary. I also visited a few museums while i was in Ipswich and they were really lovely. Anyway i have plenty more posts coming up soon. So keep checking my page. How have your summer holidays been?
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