Or the more commonly known the Little White Dress.

(She's smiling?)

This photo of Kristen is really pretty i think.

(Rob and Kristen or the ever so famous Robsten.)
Kristen Stewart often dresses up in one LBD after another. So it came as a change when she rocked up to the US Eclipse premiere in white. she is Dressed in a one-sleeved Elie Saab number.Kristen was showing more versatility in her style than ever before. And i think she looks seriously amazing in this beautiful dress. I also think shes really brave for wearing such a clear white in the L.A sunshine, in some photos she was almost sparkling (like a vampire..wink,wink).
She is also wearing a really lovely pair of nude christian louboutins which were really beautiful and sky high! I think its quite obvious now that i have a utter girl crush on Kristen Stewart.

The designer of her dress Elie Saab is renowned for beautiful made dresses with a twist just like this one. Dakota Fanning's dress for the Eclipse premiere was also by Elie Saab and as i said before in my previous blog about the other girls of twilight, that Kristen and Dakota are really close friends behind the camera. So maybe they helped each other out and i must say they both looked amazing on premiere night.
Right while I'm here i will apologise for the total Eclipse overload! but i had so much to say about everyone's style on the night i just couldn't resist. I will be putting up more blog posts up next week about who went and wore what to the UK premiere of Eclipse.
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