Eclipse L.A Premiere The Girls!

Elizabeth Reaser looks effortly dark in this lace body con styled dress. Showing her more daring side with the flech toned fabric behind the lace, this is beautiful vampish inspired dress.

Julia Jones just looks utterly amazing here, nothing like her character leah who is hostile,moody and always in rough clothes due to her having to shift into a wolf quite alot!

Nikki Reed channels her inner show girl with this feathery viva las vegas, but really classy at the same time dress. Her hair also looked really lovely last night at the Eclipse Premiere. Glamourous as always just like rosalie.

Anna Kendrick looking a little crazy but totally cool in this very festive themed sparkling gold dress, i also really love her shoes!

Ashley Greene is here looking keeping it stylised in this simple silver gown. which looks utterly stunning and breath taking on her. (very Alice indeed)

Bryce Dallas Howard and just look at how she brings some summer flavoured vintage to the red carpet, this dress is by Dior Bryce mentioned in a interview during the live streaming of the premiere on myspace that the dress has been borrowed for the night for her to wear and that she loves it! I love the colour of the garment and the details on the neckline and waist. The gentle frills at the bottom of this beautiful gown are also really quaint and lovely which is the opposite of her sadistic character Victoria.

Dakota Fanning wearing a really beautiful Elie Saab dress, Kristen also opted for a dress by the same designer, coincidence or not? As many of us know the two girls are really close friends off the camera as well as on it. Between New Moon and Eclipse Dakota and Kristen both starred next to each other in the biographic film The Runaways and have since become best friends.

All the girls of the saga had really beautiful dresses and gowns on but Dakota and Bryce are the only two lovely ladies that i knew what designer they were wearing. I also have images of Kristen Stewart which i will put in a separate post.

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