Vision in Crimson?!


Robert Pattinson is known for his interesting sense of style, from his ratty old woolly hat and jumper (which he was spotted wearing during Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as well as while shooting the baseball scene in Twilight, you can see this on the extra features of both DVDs) to his ray bans which he wears quite a lot of the time. And I've read a few other tweets, blogs and pages mentioning that this crimson suit is awful. I THINK THERE VERY WRONG!
Though we all know Rob could probably turn up in his sweats and still look beautiful. But i think this suit is actually really cool. It is made by Gucci (like his blue suit in 'Remember Me') and i think Rob looks really lovely in this, i mean yeah its a little different but who ever said Rob was normal? His new shorter hair also makes him look more groomed than I've seen him for a good while.
And on one of my final notes, this is to the people who aren't so keen on the Gucci suit surely its better than the red velvet jackets and LEATHER PANTS which he wore to the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire premiere not so many years ago ( though i must say i did love the velvet jacket, i just can't imagine the leather pants being very warm to wear, haha.)
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