Wakey, Wakey in Wales.


Yes! I went to wakestock this weekend and had a wale of a time (get it wale, haha i know I'm just too funny! or erm not.) Anyway the bands were amazing, the people i went with were amazing the weather was amazing the only thing that was not as amazing was some of the crazy people there. But over all it was a seriously good weekend!
I wore my vest tunic from Primark because i thought there's no point wearing anything fancy if its going to get beer thrown over it, which did happen! i also took my vintage bag and I am so glad it survived the weekend a plain black cardigan for when it got cold which was basically the whole day due to the bloody wind! Plain black leggings and a pair of scrubby old red pumps with tatty bows on. And i had my hair tided up in a scruffy not at the nape of my neck and a baby blue plaited hairband across my head which i made with some elastic and some old fabric.
The ever so wonderful Allie picture in both of my photos is wearing a pair of old cut off jeans and strapless top a pair of sandals. And the most important festival piece a pair of RayBan style shades, and while i am here i will take the liberty to say Allie are actual RayBan's no fakes here! Though the guys from Chase and Status would try and make you thing otherwise!
i will maybe try and get more photographs up from wakestock as well as a few festival style i have in the pipeline ready to do. thanks for reading as always.
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