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I am Truly hoping by now that EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE has seen Lady Ga Ga's video for Telephone featuring Beyonce. But if you've been living under a rock for the past six months the video is above. I swear in each video Ga Ga's clothes get crazier and crazier as she pushes the boundaries of fashion to its limit. And yet again Ga Ga has outdone herself in spectacular fashion. But right now I'm not here to talk about the singer herself, I'm here to mention the telephone headpiece she wears during the video.

It was designed by our very own UK grown Fred Butler, who tailor makes props and bespoke accessories for stylists and shoots. Most recently she has worked with La Roux, The Gossip, Lady Sovereign and Little Boots. I first discovered Fred Butler Style through the performing artist Patrick Wolf who's music filters through indie, folk then detours into pop. She has designed stages and props for this eccentric guy including an airplane which sat across his shoulders. And this telephone headpiece is one of the coolest pieces I've seen made by Fred Butler for some time.

Over all i think Fred Butler is one of the quirkiest and stylized creators in the industry. And i cannot wait until i can afford a piece of her work.

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