For me, Summers here to early.


Okay, i don't want to sound like the summers equivalent of scrooge. But I'm not one for spending hours in baking heat and i generally hate hot weather. especially during term time. it can be warm once its july and august but anytime before then is just uncalled for. the image above is one i took while on holiday in suffolk. and the day it was taken was too hot to handle it was muggy and horrid but it was august so in my book it was allowed.

I have very few loves of summer, i love sitting in the park on the grass listening to cool music and being with my friends. i also adore sitting on pebble beaches for long periods of time reading books and trying to throw pebbles down my brothers t shirt while hes asleep. This summer i am yet again being packed off to suffolk for a week with my family. which means the same things as always. looking at country houses (which i actually love, your allowed to be nosey) going on mind numbing walks (they don't lead to anything, EVER) going up the castle in the village i stay in (which isn't too bad other than the museum bit)
its just the hot weather i detest so much, it makes your hair greasey, your face shiny and just makes you feel uncomfrotable at times. But i do love winter sun roll on next december!

as always i will try and keep you posted on everything and anything thats remotely interesting in my mind or life.

p.s i thank you dearly for spending moments of your time reading anything i put :)
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Thank you! I try to read every comment I get and if I don't reply on here find me on twitter (@rosieroundface) and let me know!

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