Chelsea Chelsea I believe that when your dancing.


"Well you must be a girl with shoes like that she said you know me well I seen you and little Steven and Joanna Round the back of my hotel, oh yeah"

I love about Welsh jewellery store Chelsea Doll, which specialising in quirky, unusual and all-round beautiful jewellery. They source gorgeous, exciting pieces from a range of collections they house including Love Hearts & Crosses, Ji Ji KiKi, Tribal Time and many more.
The first necklace pictured is called "hide and seek" The miniature binoculars may be a bit too mini to help you find what you are looking for... but they are still really adorable they are designed by love hearts and crosses and priced at £10 which isn't to bad really is it.
The second necklace pictured is called "Crafty Crafty Sewing Machine" This is the perfect accessory for any aspiring seamstress or even for people that just loves to craft! On this vintage style necklace hangs a miniature pair of scissors and a gorgeous little sewing machine. This is my favourite necklace and priced at £12 which i think is really good! i cannot wait to add this to my collection it will look great with little smock tops and cute cardigans. The piece is also designed by love hearts and crosses. I am hoping i can beg for this for my birthday which is coming up in less than a week! i shall post about it, promise!

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  1. I must say, i do love that necklace with the binoculars on :) :O Your birthday soon.. yays!

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