And so the plot thickens.


As my title suggests, indeed it does. I have now managed to dye the top of my garment, this has to be one of the most terrifying things I've even done with a piece of my own work. I'm so happy i had the balls to do this. and i think it has turned out quite the end.

I've had to few manic problems with this dyeing business, one being accidentally dripping the black dye onto a white piece and spending a good few hours trying to bleach it out with toilet cleaner (thank you mum i owe you) and don't worry we found a dry cleaning stain remover which has worked a treat after using like the whole bottle.

and secondly me being the idiot that i am and folding up the fabric under my sewing foot while doing the top stitching and ending up sewing it all together in a very buggered up manner.
But guys its all good now i final sorted it and it only took me a day, haha I'll put another post up once I've put in the lining and the straps.

comment and tell me what you think, so i can write it in my Toile diary for my course, THANK YOU
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Thank you! I try to read every comment I get and if I don't reply on here find me on twitter (@rosieroundface) and let me know!

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