Hubble Bubble Toile and Trouble.


This is my Toile for my final unit at college. When i make the actual garment it will be modelled on the cat walk at our college fashion show. (scary but kind of exciting,i know!) I will most definitely post up some photos from the show and preparations, so watch this space!
The theme of my dress is racism and i used martin Luther kings speech and all the boycotts and marches for inspiration and of course the colours black and white. To be honest i am quite suprised i managed to make this toile without any drastic problems, i just pray to god (please god i really am praying) that i get to finish my finall dress on time!
This dress will fit a size 10 to 14 (as its a corseted back and was made on a larger mannequin)
so if any aspiring models are interested in well modelling my final piece for some photos and dont live to far away sent me a message. or if you are a aspiring photographer and would like to take the images do the same.
while i am here i will also apoligise for not posting for a few weeks i've been rather busy with all many of things, but i will try and post more!
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