Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby.

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"Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

And do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya

Know what ya doing, doing to me?

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby"

I just came across this little ditty a matter of moments ago when i was checking what was new on, ruby belle from the little glimpse I've just had seems to be quirky timeless pieces with a vintage inspiration and I've seriously fallen in love. With summery prints to tropical flamingos an even chic sailboats these are the perfect dresses for me. They are fitted over the bust and waist and have a A-line skirt style just like 1950's tea dresses always have, which makes them just right for the more voluptuous among the style glitterati. hopefully this spring i will be rocking mine with heels and red lips for a retro pin-up inspired look for nights and then wear my ruby belle dress teamed with ballerina pumps for cool daytime style. Either way i can not wait to go and buy one of these beautifully feminine but quirky tea dresses.

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1 comment

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