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Dress: c/o Scarlett and Jo. (P)leather jacket: Dorothy Perkins. Shoes: New Look. Heart necklace: Me and Zena.

I feel like it's been awhile since I used song lyrics for a blog title so I just couldn't resist using George Ezra's for the post as it's an album I've been listening to a fair bit lately. Scarlett and Jo were nice enough to pop this cute navy dress across to me a week or so ago but my easter has been a little crazy so I've unfortunately only just managed to get the photos up! 

I decided to try and go a little rockier with this look as so often now I automatically style looks with a  vintage twist. Which of course I do love but it's nice to shake things up every now and then even if it's only a tiny bit! I sized up in this dress but there wasn't any need to as always with Scarlett and Jo it is true to size, this is something I do love about them I nearly always know that a size 20 is a perfect fit for me whereas with other companies I often jump up and down their size charts. The dress is a little long for me but being only 5'2 this is something I'm used to and can either alter myself if I really want to but with this I quite like the longer length. I paired this with my very old leather jacket and a pair of shoe boots I bought in the sale a new look over a year ago but very rarely wear. My heart necklace may be a nightmare to try and photograph but I just love it so much I couldn't resist wearing it with this dress. I've been a huge fan of Me and Zena since I saw them in a Sugar Magazine when I was a teenager and last year when I was at the clothes show I fell upon their stand with some fab reductions and couldn't resist making a cheeky purchase or two! (still wishing I'd bought more though!)

You can find More Scarlett and Jo pieces here on Evans Clothing.
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  1. Cute outfit :) I've never heard of George Ezra, will have to look him up. I've been searching for some new music to listen to..

  2. You look amazing! Love the pleather and wish I could pull off edgy looks like this - *envy*!

    C xx


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