Winter Pampering with Bonmarche.


Dressing gown, socks and hot water bottle: c/o Bonmarche.

The lovelies over at Bomarche sent me and a friend the most fabulous pamper and snugly goodies for over the Christmas period unfortunately due to my grandad being in hospital over the season we didn't get chance to have a girly night in and when we planned to do it my bestie ended up with the norovirus which as you know is extremely nasty. I have since then had a bug myself, so it seems everything was against us! I decided to have a little pamper myself so this post wouldn't be any further away from the holidays!

I ran myself a lovely bubble bath, something I rarely have so it must have been cold over the last few weeks for me to have them. (FYI just in case you were wondering I do shower daily..) took a lovely soak something since getting my tattoo I'd avoided initially so not to dry out my skin with the hot water, hence the knee selfie popped on a face mask, one I luckily didn't react to unlike the one I'd put on originally. I have annoyingly teenage skin and more blocked pores than I'd ever like to admit, I feel like I've tried all sorts and nothing really clears them fully so if you have any tips or go to products let me know! After my bath I wrapped up in some old school pjs and this fabulous dressing gown, which may be the softest one I've ever worn! (to the point I may have slept in it on occasion) partnered with the fluffiest socks my feet have ever been treated to wearing and a snugly hot water bottle. Lastly not forgetting my cup of decaf tea kindly brought up to my room by my mum and yes that is a One Direction mug (#FanGirlForLife).

I'm hoping my bestie will be up for a girly night very soon so I can show exactly what lovely things we had planned! Bonmarche were also nice enough to send my friend the same things as myself, just in different colours! What do you do for a little winter perk up or pampering?

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  1. Cheers me up a treat a bit of a quiet pamper sesh! Love a bath and a cuppa.... or a glass of vino x


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