The Vintage Suitcase at Buxton!

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The lovely Pin Up Curl made so many ladies look utterly wonderful! I was having major hat and hair envy!

 I tried to take an OOTD but my mum unfortunately couldn't hold my camera at a flattering angle at all when her arm was in a sling!
I'm wearing - Cardigan and Bag: Charity Shop. Tee: Evans. Circle Skirt: Made by Me.

This is quite a picture heavy post so I'm going to try and keep it as short and sweet as possible! I nearly ALWAYS attend The Vintage Suitcase fairs held around Derbyshire and Staffordshire but this is the first time I've actually featured any of them on the blog. They're one of my favourites to go to the lovely lady and team behind it really put their heart and soul into the whole thing and it really shows! From music playing as you're wandering around and an array of stands which are always varied and well displayed, so it's clear the traders love being part of it as much as the punters do!

I know they have lots of exciting things in the pipeline for 2015 so do keep your eyes peeled! You can find information for all dates from their website and facebook. However I do know that the next fair is "A Very Vintage Christmas at Uttoxeter Racecourse" which is a two day event spanning over a weekend on December the 6th and 7th. I know I'll definitely be attending with live bands and all manner of lovely bits and bobs happening. My parents also LOVE going along which means I never have to talk them into driving me as they want to go as much as I do!
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1 comment

  1. I am soooo wanting to travel right now to see one of these vintage fairs myself. You look beautiful und those are lovely impressions of what it seems a very fun day.


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