Almost Lady Like?


Dress: Simply Be. Jive Seamed Tights: c/o Pamela Mann. Bow Heels: M&Co. Head Piece: Charity Shop.

I don't think I'll ever be properly lady like but this has got to be close? I mean I've got a pretty head piece on and heels! (These were a pretty wonderful bargain only £5.00 the fact I can't walk in them for more than 10 minutes is irrelevant) The veil is something I actually forgot I owned, I'd packed it away at the bottom of my scarf draw for costumes or shoots in the future but I've actually decided that I'm going to have a go at wearing it out at some point (sans the bow on the side!) The dress is a firm favourite of mine during the cooler weather, the fabric in this heat isn't ideal I was soon boiling alive in it but I'm an overly warm person anyway!

Now onto the Jive Seamed Tights I was kindly sent these by the lovely people at Pamela Mann and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, I've read reviews in the past that haven't been overly positive but I actually really like the quality of these tights and how comfortable they were. There is one rather large problem with these though, I'm wearing a UK size 28 -32 in these tights which personally I have no problem sizing up but I know readers of my blog who are a UK size 24+ these tights could potentially disappoint primarily due to the sizing issue, for reference I'm generally a UK dress size 20. Other than this they were a joy to wear and I can't wait to style them up for some vintage events I'll be attending over the summer! I've never worn seamed tights before and though they were a little fiddly for me to get them straight (and I know they still aren't entirely straight in the photos) I love how they finish a look!
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  1. Cuuuttteee! The tights, the head piece, the $5 heels!!! Uber ladylike! :-D x

  2. such a beautiful curvy girl :)
    i'm here first, but defenietly not the last time :)
    xoxo - curvy blog! :)

  3. LOVE this outfit. Shame about the sizing thing on the tights, like you say it means those at the end of the scale lose out altogether and I'm sure many won't know to considerably size up in the first place. New follower btw x

  4. Wow, this floral pattern is beautiful, love the way you have highlighted out the purple in the net and shoes - A really wow outfit - BEAutiful xx


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