The Fashion Show - My First Year Final Collection!

 Elly my lovely friend and myself.

 Bolero and Dress made by me! Bag: Vintage. Socks: Primark. Shoes: c/o Simply Be.

 Poncho and Dress made by Me! Socks: Primark. Belt: Asos Curve. Shoes: c/o Simply Be.

 THE PERFECT SHOES: c/o Simply Be.

As you may have read in my previous post here. I've recently just finished my first year of my foundation degree in fashion design and it ended with our fashion show! And these photographs above are of my final collection for this year which was to create 2 full outfits, of course we had sketchbooks and themes etc which we had to develop. Mine originally started with the film "An Education" (which by the way is brilliant, do go watch it!) then I looked into late 50s early 60s furnishing as back then when you got something new it just went in with the old instead of redecorating a whole room, which is where my mixture of colours/prints/pattern all came into their own. What I truly love about these is that this mass of pattern and colour isn't readily available in plus size fashion on the high street and it is really eye catching and I got a lot of compliments from people watching etc. 

I styled the garments with some of my own accessories such as my cat eye glasses, hair flowers and vintage bag and I just picked up the socks from primark for about £1.50. Now this is the time I give Simply Be a HUGE THANK YOU for sending me these utterly dreamy shoes which were the perfect finishing touch to my final collection! I wanted myself and my model to be all matching so my collection flowed well together and as we both have wider feet finding matching shoes that both fitted us  and we felt comfortable in was beginning to make me worry (I know I'm a perfectionist when it comes to the finishing touches with styling) and this is when Simply Be came to my rescue and I can't thank them enough as I'm so happy how my collection looked over all.

Any feedback of what you thought would be really apprieciated and I'd love to know what you'd like to see next design/creation wise!

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  1. I love your outfit!
    And these shoes look so perfect - reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

    Pretty Gloss ♥ beauty, makeup & a bit of life..
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  2. Wow I LOVE that dress so much! You must be so proud of yourself- I have always wanted to be able to make my own clothes but I just don't have the eye for it. I always seem to design stuff in my mind but I can't relay it onto paper either so often feel disappointed when I go shopping. Well done, hope the rest of your career goes well! x x

  3. Congratulations! I love the neckline on your dress, and the polka dot/pattern mix.

  4. You look gorgeous! I love the prints and colour you've gone for and as for the poncho, I want one! Congratulations on finishing your first year. xx

  5. I love everything you made - congratulations!!

  6. Brilliant, you must be so proud of all that hard work. I love the bright and clashing prints, like you say often a rarity in plus-size. I love the colour of the shoes, just perfect for those outfits, I couldn't find them on Simply Be, but I fear they'd be too low for me anyway.


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