Nails, Nails, Nails.

Top Left: Both Barry M. Right: OPI. Bottom Left: Matte Black Barry M, Glitter Loreal. Right: Models Own.

Now as it's clear from these pictures I'm probably not the best person to talk to you all about nail care as I've had the habit of biting my nails for virtually my whole life and I've tried every treatment under the sun and nothing has really worked. Even though my nails are extremely short I always like to have them painted but the skin around them is awful, partly to blame is my bad habit but the other is also because I now spent a fair amount of time sewing or using pins/needles/scissors/overlockers etc and my skin takes a hit everytime I accidentally jab myself with any of these such things resulting in dry irritated hands.

I've decided 2014 will be the year I look after my skin better starting with keeping my poor hands and feet in better condition (I wouldn't dare post a photo of my feet as that just on a whole other level gross!) I'm going to treat tired, dry feet with gel socks to get my tootsies in tip top condition for the summer so I will wear lovely sandals again without hiding my feet in pop socks and converse!

Even though I am an avid nail biter I have a slight obsession with nail polish particularly the more sparkle the better in my opinion!
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  1. I bite my nails too, it's so hard to stop haha! love the sparkly ones :) xxxx

  2. Ooooooft how terrible am I. I'm now going into my 12 year of false nails, im simply lost without my trademark red nails. I just couldn't imagine them underneath eeeek! But I do love my pamper. Check my web out now honey I'm live yey!!!
    Speak soon xxxx

  3. Nice bloog thanks for posting


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