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 Men's Tee/Sunnies: Primark. Leggings: Matalan. Bagazine: H! by Henry Holland (eBay). Heels: Evans.

I'm afraid to say this is probably the closest I'll ever get to the Sports Luxe trend, though generally speaking I'll more than happily swap these heels for a pair of converse! I wore this a few weeks ago while it was really warm as this is my current go to look when the temperature climbs. I mean it keeps me cool and I'm comfortable so when the weather is at boiling point the last thing on my mind is if my outfit is flattering! I have a love of over sized mens tee's I tend to pick up the biggest most stores I go in sell and see if it's baggy enough to my liking, I think this is a XXL from primark men's. I tend to roll the sleeves up and this for some reason makes it look so much better!

The dip dye leggings just give it a cool edge and it's super subtle so often it goes unnoticed. The heels were something I bought and wore for my 6th form prom which you can see in the post below. I rarely wear them but when I do I find them surprisingly easy to walk in and not particularly uncomfortable like I tend to feel in every other type of heel! The bagazine is something I love dearly and my dad won for me on eBay after I lusted for so long in the shop over  but could never really afford for myself at the time. I adore the majority of Henry Hollands diffusion line for Debenhams but unfortunately I don't always fit in the collection, I do though own a few tee's from it which are quite roomy! These tied together with my bright pink lipstick and coloured sunglasses finish off an otherwise extremely basic outfit with the quirky and unique edge I always try to strive for with my fashion choices.

This is the kind of outfit you'll probably be seeing quite a lot of over the rest of the summer, do any of you shop in the Men's section or shops without caring what others think?
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  1. Yip I shop in the mens shops at times for tee's. Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. I am wearing a mans tee from Primark at the moment as the fit is brilliant! x

  3. Oh I just love this outfit so much. You look lovely! I love the bag so much, I really want it. Might have to do a ebay search myself now :) xx

  4. I love the men's section! Their tees fit so much better than the women's in my opinion. And I love wearing things a little over-sized anyway. Great outfit - one of my fall back ones. Simple clothes and then a lip colour with POP. Brill post x



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