Burning Desire For You Baby.


Dress: c/o Desire Clothing. Belt: Primark. Leggings: Matalan.

The lovely ladie(s) over at Desire Clothing sent me this dress what feels like forever ago now but I've finally caught my breath and managed to take a few snaps for you! i have to admit I had briefly heard about Desire Clothing and just assumed it was a store very similar to places such as Misguided and Daisy street but I was certainly surprised when they contacted me for this as so many items on the Curve section of there site side are fab! Check out the site as they often have new bits and bobs in and I just had a look and want everything!

I utterly adore the lace detailing of the fabric around the neckline and how lovely it looks on the back as well. I've worn this pretty dressed down really, you could easily wear it for a formal occasion! I also love the fact the lining is shorter than the outer skirt of the dress! Meaning if it does shrink slightly it won't end up with the lining being longer which is a pet hate of mine and completely ruins a dress for me!

The only slight downside to this if it's even one is that the sizing is extremely generous I originally ordered my usual size 20 as in the past I've had pieces from KoKo by Koko ( which is the label on this dress) and had to size up but this time I sized down 2 sizes and I'm pretty certain a size 14 wouldn't of felt tight either. So if any of you are size 28+ I'm almost certain you'd all fit in this dress! Shock horror I'm baring my arms, I do realise they are the colour similar to a milk bottle but I don't care as I wanted to show of the back and how nice the dress is without ruining the line of the dress by throwing over a grim old cardigan! I just finished with a little gold shimmer on my eyelid, a slick of liner and my go to red lip! And finally I thought I'd just throw my hair up a little differently for a change, would you like me to pop some of my really naff hairstyle as it's something I can sit and do for ages!

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  1. great dress - you look wonderful!

  2. loooove this colour on you, very girly too x

  3. That dress is adorable! I love it with that belt, too. You look amazing.

  4. Dress is gorgeous and you look amazing!


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