Highcross Simply Be - Playing Dress Up!


A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people at the Highcross Shopping Centre in my University town of  Leicester to go and play dress up in Simply Be and of course I couldn't say no to that! I took all these images in store and decided to centre my search around the perfect and more importantly comfortable party wear! Regardless the occasion I will generally wear leggings under everything, they keep you warm in the cold weather and also mean I don't end up flashing anyone when I've got a little merry on the mulled wine! Simply be had some super cute ones with studs and diamante's on the bottom to match pretty peplum top with shoulders also adorned in this way, you can see all these above. I also decided to try the disco pants as party wear and surprisingly I loved them! They actually make quite a simple look something special and different to the usual party dress.

I love lace sleeves for winter as you need a little more than just a strappy dress but often it can be warm inside the party and generally I think they show a little flesh so its still sexy. I'm also massively into the peplum trend at the moment, if you didn't notice with my choices here. They are perfect for helping cover your stomach slightly if like me that's your main problem area, I just feel more comfortable and confident if its covered and I know I won't be tugging at my top all night to make sure there isn't a VBL (visible belly line). The bag I chose to finish all these outfits off with was a gorgeous glittered box clutch as it ads just enough bling to the outfit and just works with everything so beautifully.

Everyone in the store was so lovely especially the manager and a few other ladies I spoke to more. They made me feel welcome and that they genuinely loved working in the store. It is also a total pleasure to go into a store and feel like you belong there also the fact none of the women that work there are size 6s makes me happier too as they are able to actually wear clothes from the store and I personally think that if the people who work there don't want to/can't wear the clothes then surely why should I want to shop there (I'm actually planning to you a video about all this, that's how strongly I think about it) I'm doing this in two posts the next will have my final favourite outfits which I took with the Magic Mirror!

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  1. You look fitt in that first outfit. I'm lusting over the last dress, the fit is immense.

    1. I've got the last dress, it is lovely! It found it quite big around my waist and could have sized down but then it might have been tight on the arms. Need to try it on I think. I love all of these on you Rosie, especially the lace top x

  2. I love every item here on you :) Looks like you had a really good day!



  3. Before buying an outfit, comfort should be the number one priority. Either doing the trick or treat or simply attending parties, the person should be comfortable with the Halloween costume. It should also match with the weather.


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