This is just a quick post to prove I'm still very much alive I don't think I've left it this long between posts in a very long time! I am ever so sorry I've just been insanely busy or ill, I started my 2 weeks at Simply Be last week but ended up with a stomach virus meaning I only did one day, I was heartbroken to say the least and I'm still really bad now but getting in at the doctors is a complete pain! I'm onto my second week there now and though I've only done one day so far I'm loving it and hope to go back again after July and do some more. The reason I didn't start yesterday was due to my bank account being hacked, yes there is a lot of drama in my life at the moment, none of which I particularly wanted!

I thought I'd leave you with a remotely recent picture of my face and my new(ish) haircut. Just so you don't forget what I look like. Regular blogging with resume as soon as possible as I have so much to blog about and review for you, so I hope your looking forward to that!
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  1. gah! what bad luck, The Wanted and McFly will make up for it :) x

  2. OMG what awful bad luck you are having :(
    hopefully all will come good soon!

  3. Your hair looks lovely - exactly the kind of thing I'd love (and have tried!) but just doesn't work for me. I'm getting over that fact (gradually), but always rejoice to see it looking so good on others!


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