Lovedrobe Review part 1.


The lovely ladies at Lovedrobe sent me this dress to review recently and I wish I could be more positive about it but its just too small, so for anyone who has been lusting over this online I warn you to size up at least one size if not 2. I utterly adore the style and detailing on this dress when I first chose this my mum groaned at me about it be another black dress I would own, but it is so much more!

When I was going through my wannabe emo days all I looked for in life was bows and black clothing but this is so much more elegant than the scene kid crap I used to go for (honestly its absolutely horrendous, there's a few pictures floating around the Internet of me then and you would die laughing if you've seen them!) The sleeves on this dress are lovely and perfect for going out in the winter, whenever I go out I never take a coat in fear that I'll lose it! The dress is also quite short on me and I'm 5'2ish but I partly think this is because its to tight causing it to ride up. There's not a lot more I can say about this dress other than I do honestly love it and its just a shame its to small, I know there's picture of people proudly showing there belly lines floating around but it's just not for me. You can buy this lovely dress from Evans but just remember to size up!
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  1. Aww it is a shame it has come up small I have a couple of lovedrobe items and they are differently sized. xx

  2. Lovely dress, it's a shame about the sizing, great review though x

  3. That is such a lovely dress!

    SO shameful is not in your size, although it does do your boobs good, if only we could get away with belly lines, I'm with you, just not for me either.

    Are you going to get it in size up? Or leave it?


  4. Shame that it's too small. You do look very cute in it though!


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