The rinky-dink panther.

Shirt: Asos.Boots: Doct Martens.Velvet Leggings: Dorothy Perkins.Ring: Matalan.

I know these pictures aren't brilliant and not at all what I wanted to do to show you this shirt but I couldn't wait until the weekend to show you I bought this off Asos last week after seeing a few bloggers in it, originally I saw llymrs in it but decided there was no way I'd be able to have it then I saw Gabi Fresh wearing it and she told me it was a size 16 maternity so I ordered and here it is and I'M IN LOVE. Honestly one of the cutest shirts I've ever owned and its comfortable which is a plus as usually shirts pull across my chest and well obviously the print is to die for as well.

This is the first time I've tried styling these leggings I bought them during the sales but had no idea what to wear them with but I think this looks okay but could definitely look better! I'm planning to try them out with a shirt I ordered from One Stop Plus (I ordered it before the Asos one yet I'm still waiting for it and I didn't even pay for delivery with Asos) decided I wanted to toughen up this look with my docs but I think if I wore it out somewhere I'd probably attempt to walk about in my heels for a night.

I know some people worry about the size they wear or being judged if they wore maternity but I honestly don't care it looks good and I feel good wearing it. Also my top picture is the only acknowledgement of valentines I'm going to do because I'm always miserable over it unless Ed Sheeran wants to turn up at my halls and offer himself to me, that would be alright.
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  1. that is such a cute top. I love how you are wearing it - would look great with a 'boyfriend cardigan' too. x

  2. I agree I've bought maternity before :] I'm past caring what the label says if i like it on i like it.
    I love the leggings too.

  3. really love this outfit! i really want some doc martens but not sure if i'd be able to pull them off now?! think im too old and too round lol. you look awesome though and this post has pushed me a teeny bit further towards buying a pair x

  4. That shirt is fabulous, I've gotten a fair few bits from Asos Maternity :) x

  5. Love this outfit, and what a good idea about the shirt, look amazing on you. Great blog by the way!

  6. The shirt is amazing, and who cares if it's maternity as long as it looks good! :) I adore the leggings as well, HOT!



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