I'll owe it all to you, my little bird.


Sleeveless shirt: Primark. Long sleeved top: Dorothy Perkins. Necklace: Primark. Skirt: Dorothy Perkins.

Finally another outfit post sorry its taken so long and these pictures are rubbish, I thought I'd try somewhere else in my uni room to take them but they just don't work well against my door! So I'll be sticking with the corner next to my window from now on. So this is an outfit I stuck on to go and hand in some work and meet up with my support tutor to spend an hour helping me with a few units of work I have at the moment.

So over all this is a comfy and simply look, I've also not worn this shirt since the summer but I'm so happy that I've worked it into my colder weather wardrobe ( I won't say winter because I wear most of my clothes all year round) the only downside to the shirt is it pulls across my chest one the buttons but I don't really mind. This skirt is becoming a staple and being worn to death so you'll have to deal with it being in a lot of posts! Also from taking these picture I realise I really need a haircut my fringe is getting so long again, hopefully it will last until next weekend when I'm home to get it trimmed.

Yet again my title comes from and Ed Sheeran song, I'm sorry but I love him I'm afraid and true love lasts a lifetime (he just hasn't realised it yet) also anyone who went to Plus London Two please let me know if you have pictures with/of me as I have none and really want to get my post up about it in the next week or so! I promise this is the final thing PLEASE keep "liking" me on the company mag comp lets get a plus size into the finals, YEAHHH! The link is here.
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  1. Love the shirt! Is it still in Primark do you know? x

    1. hey bex I bought it last summer so probably not but i have seen it in a few sale rails so you never know?!

  2. You look so cute :) I love this outfit! x


  3. Lolvely shirt - such a gorgeous print. x

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