Sheer Shirts.


These are just a few snaps I found from primarks spring summer collection and I have to say there is so much I want to buy if it will fit me, now I know they now sell up to a size 20 but on some of there pieces it can be pretty hit and miss!

But I utterly love these shirts I've seen both in store and as much as I wish to buy both I think the gold buttons on the top of the polka dot shirt would annoy me as they don't actually do up they are just there to look all pretty not practical if your boobs are above a b cup as I'm sure it would most likely gape open. Though this doesn't stop me from planning too go and try it on in store next time I can justify buying more shirts.

Just a very quick post from me tonight to show I'm still alive and do plan to post about Plus London 2 which I attended at the weekend when I find some pics with me on, I basically forgot to use my camera, bad blogger I know! Also tonight I saw Chris Ramsey live and I have to say he is bloody hilarious as were all his warm up acts specially Carl Hutchinson his mate who had me crying I'm actually seeing him again tomorrow night so I will do a few posts on these as official Nandos (ooerrr) took some piccies of me and the girls all together!
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