Flat Pizza Night.


These are some pictures from my lovely pizza night with my flat before we broke up for Christmas. It was so nice to finally all sit down and properly get to know each other I actually live with some of the loveliest people but were all just on such different timetables we don't see all that much of each other.

We decided on some delicious pizza from Domino's though it took us forever to choose from the pizza menu itself and as it was nearing Christmas we also got some Ben and Jerry's I think the flavour was chocolate fudge brownie and it was sooo good definitely some serious pigging out was done! If you image my flatmate Lennie (who is the first in the group picture) was so excited to eat the pizza she didn't even let me get a picture before tucking in!

The middle girl is my other flatmate Melina then finally on the end is Payal everyone was so excited over having Domino's I think its obvious that were students and dislike cooking most of the time! It was honestly lovely and lets be honest there's nothing like food to bring people together.
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  1. mmm. Could do with a pizza right now! Looks so good! Hope you had a fab Christmas, enjoy the rest of the festive season! x


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