I closed my eyes, drew back the curtain.

The picture above is me age 18 with Keith now and the picture below was taken when I was possibly 13 with one of my friends mary. Just look at how cute and young he looks! What a babe.

This isn't really a fashion post but I want to share what I did on Thursday night with you all. I went to the theatre with my mum to watch Joesph which has this lovely bloke Keith Jack in along with a number of extremely talents people. Now he is the main reason we went, when I was about 13 he was in the show Any Dream Will Do which was on the BBC at the time Keith was about 17 or possibly 18 and yes I had the biggest crush on him ever! He's Scottish I think that says it all really, I'm a sucker for a cute accent!

But if any of you watch or have watched My Super Sweet 16 UK the Billy Elliot west end dancer guy (who's name is James Jacob Lomas?) which was in one of the shows was also in Joesph I got really excited because I actually knew him too! Unfortunately he rushed off before I got the chance to get a picture with him or even talk to him. But the costumes were AMAZING and just the whole set was great, I watched this the first time it was on the rounds 4 years ago when Keith played the narrator and not that it wasn't good then but it was just fantastic this time round! I feel I preferred everything in this version Keith was a wonderful narrator last time and was really good with the kids don't get me wrong but he was clearly born to play Joesph (how cliche does that sound?) and it helps if you look good in basically a loincloth. Me and my mum really fangirled which is actually so embarrassing but it was so much fun as well, we both know all the words to the muscial so we were singing along anyway and then at the end they came into the audience and my mum started dancing and singing along REALLY LOUDLY, she clearly has little shame, obviously shes where I get it from.

Just so this hasn't totally bored you to death I wore virtually the same outfit as I wore here I just added a cardigan, leggings and socks which aren't seen in pictures.

Just thought I'd put this one up for pure comedic value, isn't my mum just a pro at taking photographs? Though it has to be said Keith's face is just hilarious here and I love it almost as much as I love the second one.

p.s on one last final note not to sound creepy or anything but he smelt sooooo good, I just wasn't expecting him to because he'd just been on stage for like two hours, also you can actually smell him on my cardigan. my life is made.
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  1. hess sooo hot :')
    and i love it when famous people smell good :')
    Rosie xo

  2. Ahh Rosie you're a legend, i love your celeb stalking.

    Laura xoxo

  3. haha! love it. I was obsessed with Lee Mead loads and I've seen his solo shows, Joseph and Wicked.

  4. it was always keith for me gem, i voted every week! haha my friend loved lee though!

    Laura i wouldnt class him as a celeb ;) haha and thanks i think :P xx

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