The sun is shining...


So the sun is shining and I'm not totally hating it yet! Which lets be honest is a first, normally as soon as any warmer weather comes by I want it gone straight away and a blizzard to appear in its place, but I'm managing to deal with nice weather at the moment but as soon as the heat waves start I'll be full on moaning!

I'm sorry this isn't an amazing outfit post but its far to warm to wear my usual layers and accessories, though I do still think its a really pretty look. This dress/tunic if from matalan and recently I've hardly had it off my back! Which I know probably sounds really gross but its just one of my favourite pieces at the moment, I think I'll have to buy another one before summertime officially hits because I can see this getting me through the warmer months. I have shown it on my blog before but it deserves many more photos, and you will most likely see it a lot more in future posts anyway!

My leggings are also from Matalan and these are some of the best ones I've owned there more thickened than other brands I've owned which is great because I hate it when I bend my knees and you can see skin through or worse the pattern of my pants through! These shoes are new and from peacocks and whats even better my feet actually fit in them! I normally have to get my shoes from Evans because I have really wide feet, but thankfully these fit pretty well as my favourite pair of shoes are literally dying right now. My sunglasses were from primark last year if I remember correctly, there just for fun really I have a few pairs of primark "RayBan's" which I wear in public. And finally I don't think I really had any make up on because I wanted the suns rays to make me pretty, which obviously doesn't work!

If you've read posts on my blog or watched any of my YouTube videos you will know that I had an interview for Leeds College of Art and I found out a few days ago that I didn't in the end get a place of course to start off with I was utterly gutted! But now I'd like to think that I was lucky enough to even be offered an interview and I do have a place at another uni anyway, so its not so bad. If you have me on twitter I did mope about being turned down for a while but I promise I'm fine now. Also I'm sorry I haven't been blogging as much as I feel I should, I've just been struggling to get things down in words, hopefully I'll be able to spit my works out much better from now on.

And Lastly on Wednesday it was my blogs first birthday I cannot believe I've been running this little thing for a year now! And I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who followers me, whether it be on google,twitter or bloglovin it just means a lot!
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  1. happy blog birthday! :D
    i love that tunic - i have the topshop one ^_^
    the print is gorrrrgeous!
    Rosie xo

  2. I love the print on your tunic and the colours are gorgeous! Ha, I'll be joining you in complaining about a heat wave - I love summer and everything but before long the heat is so uncomfortable it begins to irritate me! x

  3. great photos, You look so beautiful :)
    nice blog xoxo

  4. Happy birthday to your blog :) hehe. I have the same sunglasses :D

  5. Oh I really wanted this but my Matalan never had my size and i'm too stingy to pay for postage haha! You look lovely, i'd wear it all the time too!


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