Running from the page.


This is another illustration I have done which is inspired by Stina Persson. I posted a video with included her art in part of an advert for 'Replay your Fragrance', her work is centered around inks and how they work into the paper or whatever she is creating her art on and as I said on the other post I feel her work portrays an interest in nature and how its free flowing and you can't tell it where to go or what to do. The body of my illustration is taken from a piece of Kate Wilson's work, where she has used dots to create the outline ( I have used this in another post which will be up next.)

For mine I just used a full line, I created this illustration with black ink to make the solid line and then before it fully dried I went over the lines with water to make the line distorted. I then added more ink to certain areas to give a deeper colour, this also created the dripping down the page which I blew into the angled sprays. I used photoshop to clean the image up and to add details for instance I added detail on the chest around the top of the dress. I also made the hair a solid grey colour. To me this gives a more industrial feel to an otherwise natural piece.

The mood for these illustrations is quite dark and harsh, this is why I added the solid colour and spiked edges on the dress. So it is no longer a soft flowing piece and has more structure.
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