Before I start I do realise this is quite a picture heavy post but I just wanted to share them with you all because this was the first day I've actually remotely enjoyed the weather! I don't want to babble on here too much today, because if the truth be told I've been finding it hard to write recently and I don't know why. It's actually really bugging me, I can seem to write mindless crap over tumblr and twitter but when I want to express what I'm trying to say with my pictures my finger cease to work at typing! So I do apologise I've been meaning to get this post out for days!

These photographs were taken in the woods near my house, which lead you to the main park in Congleton which is actually very pretty. Its my favourite time of year to walk through the woods when all the bluebells are out and the sun is just streaking through the caps in the branches, everything just seems to look more beautiful with a little sun shining on it.

Anyway on to what I wore in the hot weather (yes I know to some people wouldn't class it as hot, but for me it was scorching) so I put on a pair of shorts...yes you heard me shorts?! Now for a long time for me wearing shorts was a serious no, because fat girls aren't supposed to show above the knee are they? Well you know what I honestly don't think I care anymore, its summer weather, its hot and I do not want milk bottle legs forever! There shorts are from Dorothy Perkins and I got them in the sale for about 7 pounds, I tend to wear them with tights but as you can see now I'm being brave. The top I'm wearing is from Urban Outfitters and I got it last summer for about £15 and its so comfy, I know Urban Outfitters don't technically do "plus size" but a number of there items are over sized for a slouchy fit and fit me pretty well.

My accessories are kept to a bare minimum because when its really warm I can't stand a lot of fussy jewellery around me. The shoes are my favourite pair from Evans and are literally falling apart at the seams, please if anyone is willing to send me a new pair I'll happily take them off your hands! My sunglasses are RayBan style from Primark for a pound I probably own a tenners worth in Primark shades but I always seem to pick up a pair whenever I go in. I love this headpiece I got my inspiration from cupcakes clothes because Georgia was making her own from flowers so I thought I'd try, this was actually for a fancy dress party but I love wearing it so much already! In the next day or so I'm going to be posting up a few pictures from the party so you can see me dressed as a forest fairy.

So how do I look in shorts, dare I wear them out in public again? Also I promise to blog less randomly, I'm thinking of doing "my week in photo's" because then I'll have a constant update day, so I should stick to it better!
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