Pretty, pretty please.


this is the original version so its not the clean one you see on the musical channels, so I must warn you there is a scene in it that is pretty upsetting but it turns out okay in the end.
I'm finding it really hard to write down what I actually think of this video, it's not that I don't know what to say because I do, I just don't know how to word it well. So I'll just try my best and have a go at it if that's okay with you?

For starters does anyone else find that pinks video's and songs for that matter are like so amazing? there funny, powerful and truthful. By this I mean pink doesn't try to please anyone and she isn't in a pretty place in a floaty dress wailing her song out on the side of a cliff. She's a strong minded girl and that's why I love her. I hope you get what I mean? I'm not sure whether I'm explaining myself about this video very well!

Pretty, pretty please don't you ever, ever feel like your less than f*ckin' perfect. pretty, pretty please if you ever, ever feel like your nothing you're f*ckin' perfect to me.

These lyrics really stick in my mind, in the past I kind of wish someone had said this to me. I mean I used to really hate how I was and by how I was I mean fat. Now I'm still fat now and I mean how I am physically as a person hasn't technically changed but how I see myself is much clearer than how it used to be, and in fact I'm almost okay with being how I am, because I wouldn't be Rosie if I wasn't a little round around the edges.

Sorry I'm guessing that bit was pretty deep yeah but anyway I purpose that's how I feel. I promise my next post or two will be much more positive! I have an outfit post from Thursday night (one of my best friends Mary's 18th we were all pretty grown up and just went out for a meal). Then I have my second review for Yours Clothing and then some more video's to upload and some college work and university projects I want to show you.

So what you do see when you listen to this song?

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  1. this song reminds me much more of pink's older stuff, which i loved.
    they are really inspirational and have beautiful lyrics, especially this one :)
    i love the message that everyone is perfect exactly as they are :)
    and you explained yourself perfectly about the video, i totally understand!

    Rosie xoxo

  2. I Love this song! And when I first saw the music video I bawled my eyes out! I too use to feel very uncomfortable with my body, but over time have come to love and accept my body and all its little imperfections! I have always loved Pink's music, but this song is one of my favorites! Its nice to have people around that love you for who you are and tell you how beautiful you are everyday!

    -Christina <3

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