Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag.

This is just a little outfit I put together for the panto after party (which is a week after the actual shows) I have some photograph's of the garments which I'll do a post on when I finally get a chance. I already realise you've seen everything I'm wearing in this at least one if not multiple times, well I'm remixing to create new looks and I have to say I really like the whole look of this final outcome.

So what am I wearing? This utterly lovely blazer I got my hands on in one of my favourite charity shops, Its originally from Bhs petite and scoring it for just over five pound was totally worth sending it to the cleaners for, it's my all purpose jacket i can throw it over anything. Most definitely had my moneys worth out of this! The dress you would of seen recently as it's from the evans sale, I have worn it so many times already it was also worth the price I payed for it. Then of course my tights are just basic 60 denier black tights from primark they come in a pack of three for 2 pound though unfortunately now they no longer make them high waisted so they seem to fall down much easier now. These shoes I wear all the time from popping them on for college to going out for a meal or even out to clubs for birthdays, I'm not really a high heels type of girl and these seem to just be dressy enough without me having to walk on stilts. The brogue flats were from Evans and at the time I got them discounted and they are just lovely. My bag is another charity shop find I got it a couple of years ago for about 1.50 and I just think it finishes off outfits nicely without having to have a bulky strap slung across my body.

I finished the outfit off with a really adorable rose ring from Dorothy Perkins which I got as a gift off one of the women in my dressing room as a thank you for helping her with all the quick changes and just being organised ( I may not be in my own life but I am when I'm working with costumes!) Then a slick of pillar box red lipstick which actually survived the night and my face covered in dream matte mouse and powder, then I was good to go.

These last two images are just to show you how the night went... lets just say I may of drank a tiny bit too much oh and that's my mum I'm glaring at on the picture above. I don't think she's been seen on my blog before, so erm here you go. And again below is me and my mum possibly arguing but most definitely NOT dancing! Yes I realise there not the most flattering photographs but at least they bring a smile to my face.

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  1. I love this look! It's really cute, and I'm so jealous of your hair. I wish I had a nice thick bang like that. I like the shape of your bag as well :)

  2. The Ruby Red dress with the blazer looks so nice! I just couldn't find the right blazer to recreate this look! Argh!

  3. hello to your mum!
    i love the blazer, charity shop finds are amazing!!
    -Rosie x

  4. oo I love this, you look gorgeous!

  5. The Ruby rocks dress looks great with a blazer! (and red lipstick!)

    I ended up buying it too, I went shopping to my local evans and there was one left in my size for 15quid! I couldn't resist! Haven't worn it yet but I'm looking forward to!

  6. This outfit is perfection and your hair are awesome!
    I would wear it head-to-toe!

  7. ive given you a blog award! check out my latest post and pass it on :)!!!
    -Rosie <33

  8. You look gorgeous! Loving the dress!


  9. What a great print on your dress, and I love it with little box-bag it looks quite 1940s. x

  10. lovely outfit rosie!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog:)

  11. cute cute cute look! i love the dress!

  12. Cute outfit, I love the dress and your red lipstick

    Hannah xx

  13. That dress is so nice! You look adorable xo

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