Land girls.

Straightforward and patriotic land girl Joyce, tries her best to serve her country and do her bit to help win the war.Her parents were killed in a German bombing raid, and her house and possessions were destroyed. In addition, she is worried about her husband John, who has been posted abroad.On the surface, Joyce is sunny and optimistic, but – like the war rhetoric she spouts – it's all a way of coping with the inner pain. She's genuinely the most caring of the girls as she knows the true meaning of loss.

Forceful, opinionated, and whiney, Nancy had to enlist when female conscription started, but she worked in a recruitment office in Cambridge which suited her as well as it could. Then, to her horror, there was a shortfall in women going to work on the land, so she was transferred to the WLA.Nancy hates it at first, but realises that she can't escape the war and will do her bit. She's not work shy, just perhaps the last to volunteer for a particular task.

Bea is a 17-year-old innocent who lies about her age to join the WLA, discovering a world of adventure as a result.Inquisitive and fun-loving, Bea is headstrong with a desire to change the world. Sometimes irritating due to her constant energy, Bea will happily launch campaigns for justice, albeit ill-considered ones.Bea fluctuates between being a child and a woman and struggles to navigate a course between the two states. Her older sister Annie has always looked after her and it's no different now they're both land girls.

Annie is the oldest in her family, and has always been the responsible one. She and her younger sister Bea are already living and working at Pasture Farm when Nancy and Joyce arrive. Annie is the peacemaker of the group, holding the girls together as they face the challenges of life in the Women's Land Army.

I got the chance to watch this one off series when it was on the BBC for a week long special event. The show is set against the backdrop of war-weary Forties Britain. Land Girls is set in the Hoxley Estate, as the girls balance their working lives at the run-down Pasture Farm, and the opulent Hoxley Manor. Nancy, Joyce, Bea and Annie have all joined the Women’s Land Army for very different reasons, but they all have one outright goal which is to serve their country and help win the war. The drama follows the women as they try to live out their lives in very challenging circumstances, with lots of laughter and tears along the way.

I just wanted to borrow the little introductions for each of the women from my original source (this being the ever so lovely BBC) because I do feel that through out the episodes you really get to know these women as if you lived with them, and I wanted you to know them while reading this. When I originally watched this special series, it was because my grandmother wanted to really, But I think I got more involved with the characters and plot lines than she did! If you have read the small paragraph's on each women you can see that they all come from different walks of life. Annie is the over protective sister of Bea and always looked after her until Bea lied about her age to join the land army, so now her and Annie are equal.

Many things happen to Nancy, Joyce, Bea and Annie during there time together working on the land. They loose people close to them as well as gaining a few (at times unwelcome) guests. Over all I think land girls drama does truthfully portray how life was for the women during the second world war. Though obviously for television time purposes some aspects of the women in the land army's day to day tasks were not included in part. I also feel that the actresses brought the characters to life extremely well.

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