Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair.


Good afternoon and yes here is another outfit post, nothing special I hasten to add but I still felt the need to document it. Two outfit posts in one week? I feel I may be on a bit of a roll, aren't you all ever so lucky, Well really I've just had the tiniest more amount of time on my hands so I thought I'd snap these while I had the chance!

This lovely jumpsuit is from the rub rocks collection which is one style369 and Evans. I bought this little beauty off style369 during there sale and I got it for the wonderful price of 7 pounds with free postage while buying this i also got a lovely pair of red flats for the same price! I have to admit now I was a little wary of jumpsuits because sometimes they just don't seem to fit in the right places and with me almost being a dwarf it makes it even harder to find nice ones that fit, but this fits surprisingly well. Though there is a chance I wouldn't always go out in this but it is definitely comfortable without looking at all frumpy and shapeless! The colour is a tie dye effect ranging from blue to green to black then with some almost bleach like splashes thrown in the pictures don't do it justice. I'm just wearing a basic black long sleeve t-shirt underneath because it's soooo cold! I think I'll wear this in the summer to because the fabric its self is thin and light.

So I paired this with my trusted patent black doc martins I got these as a belated Christmas gift last February and they have really saved me from falling across the mountains of ice this winter! When I put this on today I thought it could look quite rocky so this is the reason it is with my docs and why my hair looks a bit messy. Dark lipstick and a few coats of falsies mascara finish off the look. And I do realise I don't have flowers in my hair, I'll save that for another post!

Have any of you guys bought this jumpsuit, and what have you teamed it with?
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  1. What a cool outfit! You look awesome!

  2. Or that's a cool outfit, I love the shoes. I hoe I'll get to try on a jumpsuit in London, I never worn one before.

  3. I like the fit of the jumper... makes me want to try some, with hot pink pumps and some funky disco gold chains. You look good!!

  4. amazing outfit!! you look lovelyyy <3
    i have a playsuit, but its multicoloured and doesnt go with much. i usually wear leggings and boots with it :)
    -Rosie x

  5. I've seen so many jumpsuits recently, its unbelievable!
    I really want some doc's like your, i'm just not sure whether they are worth it.

    Sian xx

  6. Hi Rosemary, I found your blog through the Evans blogroll. Love the patent black doc martins with jumpsuit, which looks super comfy.

  7. u gotta love a nice pair of docs... love the outfit girlie!


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