Hoot Hoot.

This is my brand spanking new top ITSS HUGGEE and i adore it. From TopShop http://www.topshop.com/ and i would never normally spend the price i paid for it on a t shirt but as my mother said "there's a lot of fabric in it" which some how my wonderful mum thinks makes sense for the price tag (which was £28 i know not pocket burning but still a lot for me) saying that i did get student discount on this beauty so technically it was£25.20 and the till service MORE than made up for it he was beautiful! i cannot wait to wear this out i could literally fly away in this.

Close up of my owls which are printed in flight over the whole top, did i mention that i love it?
- Oh and in case you were wondering the scarf tied around my head is a silk liberty print scarf which is a really cool pattern and i picked it up from Oxfam for £3.99. I have so many vintage scarfs now and there great, i acquired quite a few while clearing my grandads house they were once owned by my grandma or given to her by her many sisters from there trips around Europe.

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