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YEAHH, this is my dress! The model wearing it is called Kelsie and she was a real life saver, my original model Gemma cancelled on the Monday morning before my dress was due to be in the show Thursday afternoon. Then i couldn't fit my dress until the Wednesday so i did a lot of praying that my new model would fit in my garment, but luckily we had a swap around with models and i ended up with Kelsie who fitted in my dress really well and even had shoes to match! thank god.
so the two images above are taken by me (some photography guys took much better ones, once i get my hands on them i'll post them up) and i cannot say how proud i am that she looks so great in it! and the sequins caught the light really well as she walked down the catwalk.
though unfortunately i never got to watch the whole show and get photos of other designers work. Because they were short of dressers, which they weren't that badly but i won't go into that. haha, anyway next year i will have a collection in the show. Which will be really exciting, stressful and scary all in one go!
And finally one more thing my dress will be in the winsford guardian, i think as it was choosen to be pictured in the paper as part of the page for the show.
thank you for reading as always and once i get hold of the other images il post them too.
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