Retro Party Wear with Voodoo Vixen.


Penny Dress: c/o Voodoo Vixen. Anastasia Muff: Collectif. Hair Flower: Claireabella's Closet

My love for Voodoo Vixen knows no bounds and this is another fabulous piece from them! Probably one of the prettiest and well fitting dresses I've ever had. here I'm wearing a 3xl and with the stretch in the fabric it hugs my figure perfectly and is really comfortable. I actually wore this with a long sleeved black tee under for Clothes Show from 6.30 in the morning until 6.30 at night and I felt so discomfort at all. As with some repro dresses I find the fabrics can rub on my skins and irritate it or cut into my tummy when I sit down but this doesn't at all! 

The flocked lace overlay sets the beautiful green colour off perfectly and this is something I wouldn't initially pick up for myself on first glance but the more I see it (hanging pride of place on my wardrobe door at this moment in time) the more I adore it! The tie at the neck is also a darling feature so much so I genuinely don't think it needs a necklace or all that much jewellery at all. I decided to style it up with a flash of a red rose in my hair (to match my lipstick!) which I picked up from one of my favourite stands at The Vintage Suitcase fairs, I never seem to leave there empty handed! Finished the look with this darling hand muff, I've been after one of these for years and when Collectif popped this one in the sale I decided to snap it up! 

I really wish these photos were nicer as I don't think they show how stunning this dress really is. Unfortunately cold weather and wind were against me, I must find better places to take my photographs! 

I've seen some of the upcoming pieces for Voodoo Vixen and they're so stunning I can't wait for you to see!
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  1. This is my first visit, your blog is great. Success is always yes to his blog

  2. This dress is simply stunning! I've only just heard of Voodoo Vixen recently, but I can't wait to own my first dress! :D


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