7 Things for my Bedroom Change.

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Now winter is truly upon us (who else has noticed how it’s all of a sudden gone freezing? Normally I’m really warm blooded so don’t tend to notice but this year I have! Brrr!) I think it’s time for me to start taking a look at my little bedroom and see what I can do to make it feel more me. I’ve not had much changed in my room since I was about 16/17 so it’s time for a change and a drastic one at that! All my furniture is a mish-mash of random bits from an array of shops and it would be so lovely to include some of these Cookes Furniture pieces to bring my whole bedroom together in harmony. The sweet vintage aesthetics would work perfectly for what I have in mind for my little home improvements over the next year or so, unfortunately I just don’t have the space or time to drag everything out and start afresh so it will most likely be lots of little projects going on for months and months! 

Most of the time if I want a little room restyle I go for a new duvet cover and some cute cushions as well as other trinkets and frames I pick up all over the place and I have to say the range of pieces from the George Home range at Asda are oh so good! I’ve managed to get a number of lovely retro inspired duvet covers from them since the summer as well as some of the cutest and most fun cushions I’ve ever seen. The quality is also really good so I’m never disappointed as the images are always true to product you receive which is something that often doesn’t happen when it comes to home wares! Being a fashion design student I just couldn’t resist adding the lovely bust to my wish list as it would work perfectly with the pieces already in my bedroom and the R cushion is calling my name so much so that I may have made a rather cheeky order! 

What do you do when your room needs a little re-style?
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  1. I love a new duvet cover too (although here we call them doonas!), I like changing up the wall art too, its nice to have a bit of a change. xx


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