Dahlia Walk - Biddulph Grange Gardens.


A week or so ago my parents dragged me out of the house on a dreary Sunday afternoon to one of the more local National Trust places not far from where I live and normally I'd be getting my folks to snap an outfit shot or two of me while we're wandering around the array of themed gardens I just wasn't in the mood alas I'd had some sad news only a day before and I just wasn't in the frame of mind. However when we got to the Dahlia Walk I couldn't resist capturing a number of the flowers, the colours and shapes genuinely brightened me up a little and gave me some inspiration for creating skirts like the petals etc.

These were the last bloom for the flowers before Autmn and Winter truly decended and as you can see they're a little past their prime but still powering through as best they could. I do realise how deep and quite frankly emo that sounded, I feel like I've gone back in time to when I was 14 and oh so misunderstood! Anyway I'm hoping to get some more posts up shortly as I know I've been far to quiet in the last few months!
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  1. Oh, I do love a National Trust trip every now and then.

  2. Nice photos


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