Feeling Festive with George Home.

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So now it's well and truly Autumn/Winter I thought it would be okay for me to mention all things festive and there is nothing I love more than to dress up my bedroom with a few seasonal trinkets. George Home has a massive array of goodies to behold this winter and one piece I know I'll definitely get my hands on if I can is the adorable Bambi cushion, though I'll probably have this out all year round. I absolutely love Bambi and deer figurines, in fact it's a bit of an obsession so this would be just perfect for me..*hint hint Santa!* The Let It Snow cushions also being equally as lovely and something that would bring some festive cheer without being OTT. The Hand Mirror ad Rocking Horse ornament are the sweetest things and would look perfect on my bookshelf to keep my deer and other treasures company.

Of course I just HAD to include the Christmas One Direction Duvet Cover how could I not! I may be a 21 year old but I'd still happily have this on my bed this year just for a good giggle! (And let's be honest there could be worse things than lying in bed with 1D!)

Have you seen anything that's taken your fancy in prep for the holiday season?

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