Sunny Days, That Left My Skin Dark Red.


Tee and flats: Evans. Skirt: Handmade Thrifted. Bag: Thrifted.

It's been 9 WHOLE DAYS since my last post and for this I do apologise in these days I've had my first year fashion show for which I became a "pro model" for a few days. Then the prep and tidying after along with popping into college to actually make clothes for fun for myself, which you've probably seen on Instagram if you follow me there, I've been a rather busy bee so instead of going on and on I thought I'd leave you with as limited amount of words I can! And obviously I couldn't resist a little old school Ed Sheeran for my title!

I've picked these vintage pieces I thrifted (y'all know it's a snazzier word for charity shopped) over the space of a few years, this bag being an all time favourite, the label inside stating empire made. The skirt which in fairness is slightly too big but nothing a fresh bit of elastic won't fix isn't really my normal style however the patterns and fabric we're just to much to pass up. teamed with basics and a statement lip to bring out the colour in the prints and I'm good to go!

What are you favourite pieces you've picked up while scouring the charity shops and thrifting?

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  1. Love the skirt, you look great :)

  2. Hello...What a photos...what a Style...very nice and chic!

  3. I do remember the frantic state right before the end of year fashion show, though I'm going back many years. Modelling was so much fun though! That wee bag is very cute.


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