Victoria Baths.


Top: M&Co. Jeggings: New Look Inspire. Shoes: Primark. Bag: Vintage-Thrifted. Necklaces: Primark/ASOS.

Last Sunday my folks and I popped to Victoria Baths in Manchester for the Vintage Home Show they have there every now and then. Of course I fell in love with too many things but somehow restrained myself from buying EVERYTHING I would of liked and instead just picked up a few little pieces to add to my dressing table and a beautiful compact mirror, I even managed to barter on a few of them! These snaps are a mixture of my iPhone and digital camera as it's an old swimming baths There is a lot of light and sometimes my camera goes a little crazy there. This is honestly one of my favourite places and I'd really love to take some proper photo shoot like photographs here as it can make a beautiful backdrop. Victoria Baths also plays host to some truly wonderful stained glass windows. For the first time ever I didn't get chance to snap my favourite one but the window above is just in one of the changing stalls.

I just got my mum to snap the full length of shots me while we were in a quieter pool, though a few people did suddenly walk in which is probably why I look a little awkward! It was pretty warm so I wore something comfortable as I was feeling less than perky anyway. I picked up this top in the M&Co sale, they don't show up well in the pictures but the stripes are all done as adorable scalloped edging. The jeggings you saw in my last post too, sorry I seem to have worn them a fair bit lately the only downside being they fall down A LOT so I have to do the comedy wiggly to pull them back up! I kept my make up it's usual self which is concealer and powder with some form of red lip, I was wearing my beloved Revlon just bitten lip stain as it's easy to wear and reapply without feeling very when it's warm. All in all a lovely day and I even got ice cream at the end!

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  1. That outfit is really, really cute on you <3

  2. it's gorgeous there! deffo have to pop back for some more snaps :)

  3. You look gorgeous. Looks like an awesome day out! Jealous


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