Looking Back at Past Proms.


Arriving at Year 11 Prom Age 15. And yes I arrived in a classic mustang!

Before arriving at Year 11 Prom.

                   Year 13 Prom that I technically gatecrashed as I'd left school!

As it's coming back to that time of the school year again for what seems to be a large number of people I "know" on Facebook it made me think back to my past proms and my possible fashion faux paux's at each one. I also thought you'd like a giggle at how I looked before I started this blog when I was 16! If you've been a long time reader I may of posted about the year 13 prom but I thought I'd pop up more photographs anyway!

Lets start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. So basically when I was 15 I clearly LOVED black. Everyone makes a bigger deal out of this prom and everyone seemed to have proper full length dresses so I followed the crowd, big mistake! Back then I hadn't developed my personal style like I have now and I just wanted to fit in with everyone else. Looking back I know I should of worn what I wanted to instead of wearing something I felt I had to. All in all the dress really annoyed me and frayed like a bitch on the bottom, not that it mattered as it cost less than £30 off eBay! My shoes and necklace we're also from eBay and my clutch bag was £3 from Primark and was two years old at this point, the bolero was because I felt I had to cover my arms. At the time I refused to get my hair done professionally and just borrowed a friends GHD's to straighten it for the evening, truthfully I wish I'd made more effort beauty wise. Looking back a beautiful hair piece from somewhere like Pauls Hair World would of been fantastic! I was also a MASSIVE twilight fan and openly a Twihard to the world back then, so my necklace was a replica of Rosalie's from the first film. I was so cool!
Fast forward almost 2 years and I'm now 18 discovered what my personal style was a little more and attending the 6th form Prom. This is much more relaxed, pretty much turn up in a cute dress and have fun before everyone disappears to become grown ups. My dress was from good old Matalan and a dress I still love today. Bag is Henry Holland Bagazine which was from his original collection at Debenhams that I scoured eBay for and I'd finally realised I could walk in some heels and picked these vibrant pink sandels up from Evans. I was also still covering up my arms which is something I wish I hadn't been so bothered about! My hair colour had changed yet again and I'd found the joy that is lipstick but due to rushing from College and having an hour to get ready my hair was neglected once again. It would of been lovely to have been able to pop in some Additional lengths Hair Extensions 
to give a fresher look.

So what would I do different this time I hear you ask? My answer would be not to be so self conscious or worried what people would think! Though the chances of me still wishing to play it safe in black would now primarily be because I wouldn't want to dribble anything down me instead of the usual "it's more slimming" thought! In the next week or so I'm hopefully going to get some plus size prom alternatives up just to show that it's not as hard to find formal wear now as it was for me when I was 15! I hope you enjoying having a giggle at my former emo self and remember that it doesn't matter where your dress is from it's all about how you decide to work it!
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  1. I wore black to my year 11 prom, and straightened my hair just like you!
    I didn't go to my college prom or and of my uni balls though xxx

  2. I so wish I could do over my prom. I had a silver slip dress made and wore it with a a silvery grey bolero, it was cute in theory but the seamstress who made it for me didn't think that plus size girls should wear form fitting clothes and made it too big for me. It was like a big silver tent. But I was only 17 and so shy that I was afraid to stand up for myself and get what I really wanted.

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