Wellington Boots.


Leggings: Matalan. Duffle Coat: Dorothy Perkins. Wellington Boots: c/o Jileon Wellies.

Apologies for the slightly grumpy face in the bottom photograph! I snapped these quickly before travelling back to Uni on Sunday evening. So I also look a bit of a mess too, I've not been feeling well this past week with my stomach pains playing up and mentally but I won't go into it as I prefer to stay positive on here!

The main reason for this post is to show you my beautiful wellies I was sent by the lovely people at Jileon Wellies. These ones are the Wide Calf Wellies and of course are in an adorable floral pattern which will definitely brighten up the gloomy winter weather that has finally set in for the long haul! They have a section on both sides of each wellington boot with adjust to your calf size and mine aren't stretched at all so these would be perfect for any girls with wide calves! My pair are a size 6 which is my size in none wide fit but these would of fitted perfectly in a five as they are slightly to big but are fine with a nice thick pair of socks.

What would your favourite pattern be on a pair of Wellies?

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  1. I love these wellies! So cute! I'd love a leopard pair personally. The Bet Lynch in me is always dying to get out :)


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  2. love these, so nice to be able to wear wellies with socks and jeans. I can only usually cram my legs in with a pair of tights on xx

  3. Great wellies I need to buy a pair for winter, these look lovely. I personally loved the black glittery pair that hunter brought out a couple years ago. More glitter! xx


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