Simply Be Opening, Manchester!


Another week has passed without be blogging! I am so sorry I'm just full of excuses at the moment but as recently everything is getting on top of me and I'm basically drowning - wow that sounded so emo! hahaa

Anyway I'm digressing here, Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to the new store Launch for Simply Be flagship in the Arndale Centre in Manchester I also took my mum along (shes the tiny one next to Steph in the third picture!) to show her what being a plus size blogger can be like and to meet some of the friends I've made! It was an amazing evening with drinks nibbles and lots of nattering with a slash of Kym Marsh now Lomas in case you didn't know she's Michelle in Coronation Street but I primarily know her for being in one of my favourite bands when I was 8, yes I was a Hear'say fan and proud to say so! Her man Jamie was also there who has a really nice bum... just saying!

I also met some bloggers I've read and loved for a long time (such as Thrifty and Betty Bee!) and some relatively new ones I love all the same like Mel and Gem and Rach! I must add it was a pleasure to see my girl Steph again and meet her adorable flatmate! The store itself is really lovely but as I've visited a few other since the first store last year I'd have to say it feels a little on the small size compared to the store I shop in mostly (which is there Leicester one) which has a lovely spacious layout and is actually having a second floor added for a Jacamo to be added I won't lie I'm really excited! But all the same I managed to find more than enough things to try on and lust over. In the end I got myself (well my mum treated me to them) a pair of the amazing Disco Pants which I promise to try and blog for you soon!

Some Of these pictures were taken by me but also by Betty Bee's lovely and awesome fella as well as Simply Be's main photographer lady who is really lovely too!
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  1. gutted I couldn't go but will see you at the gig tomorrow anyway! jsut a heads up for you.... 1D are on the cover of Wonderland this month, out on the 8th of Nov and there are puppies!!! xx

  2. It was lovely to meet you, you looked lovely too that night, as always xx

  3. I so wish they would open a Simply Be here in Denmark, I'd love to have more options for local shopping. Looks like you had fun :) Any chance of a link to those disco pants? I might not be looking hard enough for them.


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