Monday Mugshot, Week 7.


1.HAPPPY HALLOOOOWEEEENN, though actually I'm not keen on it at all, I don't mind dressing as a goth or anything like that (believe me I had the phase of trying to when I was about 11) I just hate the scary masks and stuff like that. Anyway the picture above is me getting into the spooky mood which actually means donning my twilight lip venom team edward top and fangs necklace.

2.Uni is blagging my head at the moment... its the know one actually telling how to do anything I mean I know I'm supposed to do it all myself and be a grown up but its my first briefs I need some kind of direction when it comes to my work!

3. Cannot believe its november already, soon it'll be christmas!!! Yes I am the type of person that starts playing christmas music as soon as halloween is over in fact I've already whacked the playlist out in the car with my mum last weekend.

4. And finally I think I'm seeing S Club live on thursday night.. and I was excited until I found out it was fancy dress and I have nothing that resembles school uniform with me at all. Its also only 3 of the band Jo, Bradley and Paul ( who if anyone recalls actually left the band BEFORE they split up... tut tut) well thats all for this week hopefully I'll get some outfit posts up too if my photoshop and weaving briefs don't kill me first!
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  1. ha! I saw Jason Donovan and Chesney Hawkes in my uni and East 17. Good times!

  2. CHESNEY HAWKES?! WHY CAN HE NOT COME TO MY UNI i love him so much!

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