Monday Mugshot, Week 4.


1. Just me here wearing my new lipstick after what feels like a very long day at uni. The lippie itself is one of Kate Mosses new ones for Rimmel I actually bought two of them a deep pinky colour and a more wearable coral I'm now planning on buying the red from the collection as I love the colours and how well they seem to stay so far.

2. Finally beginning to feel ever so slightly more settled at uni now, classes are starting I have more of a routine and a nice little group of friends. The weeks don't seem to drag quite the same as that first week did which is good I guess.

3. It seems to be cooling down again!!! I can wear a jumper without dying... though as always I seem to be the one melting in my lectures and seminars? I think I must just have a ridiculous high body temperature all the time! but its definitely more long sleeved weather than vests now, which in my opinion is bloody good news.

4. I need to get back into outfit posting and such more! I have a few little bits to show you I just have the issue of finding somewhere to take them, I've managed to half drag in one of my new friends called Nicola to take my pictures ( with her fancy pants camera, which she offered to use) but until then I may have to do it in my mirror!
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  1. The Kate Moss ones are sold out in Cardiff Boots but I really want one, my mate who works there is going to keep one for me.
    I love it when you can wear tights are cardi's everyday :)

  2. glad you're settling into uni better! :)
    our lecture rooms always seem to be cold, so i have the opposite problem!!
    loving the lippie, i want to try the kate moss ones!
    Rosie xo


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