Monday Mugshot, Week 3.

1. I've now started properly at uni and I've already missed one session because I've caught the flu and I can't even use the excuse that its freshers flu! It's just hit me really hard and I'm yet to have my flu jab so its completely knocked me out for six. The image above is what I've been consuming since Friday night obviously not all at once!

2. I did my presentation of my summer project today it went okay other than my uncontrollable temperature at the time, I think my new tutors had guessed I wasn't well....

3. Yet again I'm planning on going home at the weekend but its nice to know I have Fridays off so hopefully I can get my lovely dad to pick me up on Thursday night. Even though I went home last weekend and I have a feeling I caught the flu off my folks.

4. Is it just me or can anyone else not wait for the cold weather! I swear I've never looked forward to it so much in my life! 20+ degrees in October who ever decides on our weather is seriously messing with us!
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  1. totallllly feel your pain there, this time last year i caught two chest infections in a row due to being exposed to lots of different people's germs, it sucks!
    hope you feel better soon :) xxxx

  2. Oh no poor you!!!! Get on the lemon and honey!!!!!!!!!! xx

  3. seems like your settling in alright then. How is uni, good?It's weird not bumping into you at college . I'm coming to look at Demontfort on the 22nd october youll have to give me a tour around the campus:)


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