Monday Mugshot, Week 5.


1. I couldn't decide on just one picture tonight. I like the bottom one but just something doesn't seem right with my face? I think its the half smile going on or maybe the lipstick, oh well.

2. My work load is increasing all of a sudden, which I wouldn't mind if I wasn't so worried about doing it wrong! So hopefully after I've finished this post |I'll crack on with typing all my many notes up and start my research for my new project which I'm looking forward to do though it does look like a fair amount of work! I could really do with a printer, so annoyed that I forgot to bring mine last time I was home.

3. Its finally suddenly becoming colder which I love! Time for lots of outfit posts involving jumpers and knits and everything cozy. Though I do seem to be having issues with outfit pictures my only decent blank wall I have is if I stand on my bed and balance my camera on the shelf opposite with it zoomed in slightly which is fine but then its a bit hit and miss on how the pictures come out. I will post them though because I miss doing current outfit posts!

4. I get to see two of my friends next weekend! there coming up for my uni open day and I'm really looking forward to it.. even though they want to go out and i really don't know anywhere to go to be quiet honest but never mind! It'll just be nice to seem them then there going back on Saturday afternoon so I'm hitching a lift to go home and get stuff for my project and to do a whole lot of washing!
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