The Midi.


Here is a little outfit I did before I left for uni, I've been meaning to post these for ages but I lost them in a a folder somewhere on my laptop but now finally found here they are. A few weeks ago I was trawling my usual charity shops and found a rail with all vintage skirts and shirts on generally all being over a size 18 so they were obviously marked cheaper than smaller sized vintage and I picked this skirt up while I was there, once I've worn my other skirts I'll get some pictures up too!

Now I really wanted to try out the midi trend but wasn't sure if it really was for me, but as I'm 5.2 its virtually impossible for me to wear maxis and there just not my style. But midis I think midis work for me, they don't flash my granny pants... there not at the awkward knee level either, I really think I will try more out! This is whats great about charity shops this skirt was only £4 when I could of spent triple that amount on one on the high street and never of worn it. My jewelery were both gifted pieces the R ring was from my helper at college as a goodbye and the necklace is off one of my best friends and she gave it to me before I came to uni as shes doing it all living from home and I'm well not.

Now here in Leicester the weather has finally cooled down its actually jumper weather and I'm so happy about it! In fact I went out into the centre today and splurged on a big cardigan in Primark and I can't wait to finally wear it with knitted tights and all things snugly. You know what I'm even excited for SNOW AND CHRISTMAS not that I've got to the point were I'm listening to Christmas music....yet.
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  1. I love the ring. i have a scrabble necklace and always get really nice comments about it. Blue is sooo your colour....i wish i could wear it! can i get a pic of your boots? they look lush!

    T x

  2. You look lovely, I really want a midi skirt but also worried it wont suit me! Have to admit I'm already excited for Christmas

  3. Love the ring! I too am far too excited by the fact its cold enough to wear jumpers now! But yeah, I tried on a midi skirt the other day and I looked like I'd got no shape to my body at all...methinks pleated skirts are not for me! You look fab though.

  4. I love all your jewellery and your whole outfit for that matter :) Beautiful lady <3


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